My Top findings of the Milan Design Week 2019

This year I will highlight my key findings of Milan Design Weeks concerning key drivers and Color & Material Trends.

Milan Design week was full of innovative concepts of sensory design, cultural cooperations, the celebration of LOVE, finest craftsmen from all over the world, the connection of nature and human, artificial intelligence and new ways of sensory perceptions.

Sony´s "affinity in autonomy" showcase explores and proposes how technology can enrich our lifestyle by creating emotional bonds between ourselves and robotics. Sensitivity and emotions are created while interacting with the different settings so you can feel the independence of technology.

Love, emotions and rituals are key drivers for developing new products and experiences that connect human and products.

Wallpaper Handmade showcase is a celebration of love in its infinite variety. Tools, tokens and totems are redefined to warm, connecting, lovable and mind opening new aproaches based on love.

The Norwegian Presence exhibition in Zona Tortona shows the Elementa UT project that deals with how we can use design and art to enter into a more sensible and meaningful conversation with nature.

The rotating cone "Derive" is a meditation object that has emerged from the field where the forest meets the digital realm. By touching it gently a lush soundscape transmitted in real-time from a listening station placed deep into a Norwegian forest.

"DUFT is a series of aromatic sculptures made using polished larvikite, cast and sculpted porcelain infused with naturally scented oils. The objects explore the possibilities of introducing scent into our surroundings in various ways." (by Kaja Dahl)

Cultural Design and the celebration of traditional methods and craftsmanships are shown throughout the shows. Moroso celebrated the 10th anniversary of the M’Afrique collection. A unique blend of international design and local manufacturing of the region of Dakar and Senegal.

The exhibition Brazil "Essentially Diverse" is an expression of the uniqueness of Brazil’s material culture, focused on its roots and transformative power and offers sensorial experiences.

Indigenous, African and European ancestral influences begin to merge.

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