"Welcome to my world of product design and

color & material and how to find inspiration and get concepts to spirit up your interieur or

upvalue your product."

As I´m a product designer with a focus on color & material design I love to explore and to get inspirations from all kinds of "sources".

The last years have been very intense in developing myself and learning more about the effects of our environment and the inlfuence of our lifestyle on how comfortable and satisfied we are in our every day life.

I´m happy to share these personal experiences and looking forward to getting in touch with you.


This year I will highlight my key findings of Milan Design Weeks concerning key drivers and Color & Material Trends.

Milan Design week was full of innovative concepts of sensory design, cultural cooperations, the celebration of LOVE, finest craftsmen from all over the world, the connection of nature and human, artificial intelligence and new ways of sensory perceptions.

Sony´s "affinity in autonomy" showcase explores and proposes how technology can enrich our lifestyle by creating emotional bonds between ourselves and robotics. Sensitivity and emotions are created while interacting with the different settings so you can feel the independence of techn...


I experienced beautiful colors and a very bright light that brings everything to glow while travelling in south africa. The reds are very dominant - you find it on the sandy ground, on stones and trees as well. It works very nice we stony grey or muted yellow.


In february I went on my first trip to africa. I always dreamed of travelling there and explore the vivid  culture and design. As you can see in the pictures you find another way of working and living with colors.

I had the impression that the people there use color more natural and very generous. They live with colors and contrasts. That´s very beautiful and gave me the impulse to include color, pattern and bold materials more often to my interior and fashion.

Bright colors combined with low satuared neutrals or even nature inspired colors give a lot of energy and liveliness. It really doesn´t have to be all white and clean, as we have it too often...


Creating new social media content to spread the new book of Health and Lifestyle Consultant Raja Ray.


The final imm 2018 report is done. You can order it in german or english, please write an email to: . In the report you´ll find key findings and analyses to new developments in interior design and color & materials. You find a preview on my website. (56 Pages/150€)


Found this publication by chance while sitting in a café - I´m so proud to see my designs in a magazine.

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